How Do You Know If You Need A Water Leak Repair Birmingham AL

Every homeowner has encountered water leakage at least once in their lifetime. The average household loses thousands of gallons of water through leaks. They are costly and frustrating if not handled timely. While some leaks are evident, some are silent. You need to be on the constant lookout for water leakages. Here are a few tell tales to watch out for.

Sudden escalated water bills

It’s normal to receive high water bills after using huge amounts in activities such as watering the garden or filling the pool. However, sudden, unexplained escalated water bills could be a clear tell-tale of an underlying water leak. You might want to call in the experts for immediate water leak repair Birmingham AL.

Mold growth

Stubborn mold growth that doesn’t seem to go even after deep cleaning could be a sign of a water leak. Pay attention to the areas with mold growth. There could be pools of water propagating mold growth. Mold thrives in moist conditions.

Wet spots on the walls and floors

One of the most apparent signs of a water leak is damp and wet spots on the ceilings, floors, and walls, especially where pipes lie underneath. You may also notice mold growth or staining on these target areas. You may also notice unexplained pools of water in your compound. They are clear indications of water leaks.

If you suspect a water leak, call in for a water leak repair Birmingham AL immediately. Call us now to help you confirm your fears and fix the problem.

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