3 Questions Miami Vegans Should Ask Before Dining Out with Friends

by | Oct 12, 2023 | Restaurant

If your friends know that you’re a vegan, they will probably look for a vegan restaurant in Miami Beach, FL on your behalf. However, it might not always be convenient or possible to travel to a restaurant that specializes in the vegan diet. These tips will help you find great alternatives at some of the most popular restaurants in your community.

Can You Prepare a Vegan-Friendly Meal?

Whether you’re stopping by an espresso coffee bar in Miami Beach, FL or looking for a more elegant dining experience, don’t be afraid to ask about vegan-friendly options. Many restaurants have added vegan options to their menus in an effort to appeal to a broader base of customers. Even though they may not be recognized as a vegan restaurant in Miami Beach, FL, they may prepare a custom meal that meets your dietary instructions.

How Are Your Burgers Made?

Be careful when ordering veggie burgers and other plant-based meat alternatives even when you’re dining at vegetarian restaurants in Miami Beach, FL. Plant-based meat alternatives may still use eggs and other dairy products in the mix. It’s a good idea to check the ingredients in salad dressing as well. Many dressings use milk and other dairy products.

Do You Use Shared Fryers?

If your favorite espresso coffee bar in Miami Beach, FL also serves food, it might be tempting to order some French fries or other fried menu items. In this situation, find out if the cook uses the same fryers for vegan menu items that they use for other foods. Vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Miami Beach, FL will usually have separate fryers, but other dining establishments may not make this same distinction.

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