A Business Security System in Bowling Green, KY Protects Cash and Inventory

by | Jan 28, 2021 | Security

Retail shop owners have to protect their cash and inventory, but still make their customers feel welcome. Installing a Business Security System in Bowling Green, KY is a good way to do this. Surveillance cameras often play an important role in these systems. Instead of physically following customers on the shop floor, an employee can watch a television monitor in a back room. If a person is seen putting merchandise in a bag, the owner can offer to hold it for them until they check out. This lets the person know that they are being watched, without accusing them of a crime. If they deny taking merchandise, the owner can say they have the action on tape.

Unfortunately, employees often steal from their employers. Therefore, a Business Security System in Bowling Green, KY must also monitor employees. Businesses that take in a lot of cash have to carefully watch the register area. They can start by having cameras aimed at each register. This action can prevent many employees from taking cash. They know that when the boss isn’t physically there, he might be watching them on his tablet. However, large amounts of money can be quite tempting under any circumstance. When the cash in a register reaches a certain level, the employee should be required to put it in a safe located behind the checkout counter. Usually the safe has a slot in the top and the employee just drops it in.

Employees may also steal inventory. Keyless access pads are a convenient way to prevent this. After the owner sets a code, he only shares it with the employees that need access. If an employee leaves, it’s easy to enter a new code into the system. Larger stores may need to monitor which employees use the stockroom. In this case, they can be issued badges with magnetic strips. Instead of keying in a numerical code, they swipe their badge. This provides the owner with a record of who entered the stockroom and when they were there. Sonitrol is one of the Bowling Green, KY companies that provide these services. Business owners can contact them to learn more or visit them online at http://www.sonitrolky.com/ today.

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