Anti Aging Tips: How to Stay Looking Youthful in Osage Beach, MO

by | Sep 28, 2021 | Health & Medical

Just because everyone ages doesn’t mean you have given in to the hands of time. While you cannot stop the clock, there are things you can do to appear younger than you are. The following Anti Aging Treatment Osage Beach MO tips will reduce the look of aging and help protect your skin.

Stay out of the Sun

The sun can be tricky because you need some sun to get vitamin D, but too much of its UV rays can damage your skin’s collagen. The skin will start to thicken, age spots will appear, and any wrinkles you have will become deeper. Thankfully, you can help protect your skin by covering up your exposed skin when in direct sunlight, wear hats that shade your face from the sun, and always use sunscreen.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep gives your body and mind much needed rest. And studies have shown that not getting good sleep can have a serious impact on all aspects of your life and health, including your appearance. Poor sleep can lead to your skin sagging, as well as wrinkles. This is because the body releases stress hormones that will break down the skin’s collagen. Making sure you get the right amount of sleep will quickly help you look more youthful.

Consider NAD+ IV Drips

While most people think of the exterior of the body when considering anti aging treatments, the interior will also feel the effective of the aging process. Brain fog, lack of motivation, difficulty sleeping, pain, and feelings of emptiness can come with age. NAD+ IV drips, however, can help reduce these side effects of age.

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