Basic & Necessary Equipment for Turf Aeration

by | Jan 24, 2020 | Business

Turf aeration is crucial to ongoing turf and landscape health. Aeration expedites the release of carbon dioxide, promotes oxygen uptake by the soil and helps to improve local as well as overall drainage. 1st Products is a leading manufacturer of turf aeration equipment designed for optimal use in a wide array of agricultural applications.

Types of Turf Aeration Equipment

Choose between a selection of shafts for use within an AERA-Vator Frame or other 1st Products frames. Shafts like coring, multi-spike and the Slicer are useful for turf aeration in agricultural settings and for resort management. The AERA-Slicer, for example, slices and relieves compaction without disrupting the turf surface too severely.

The coring shaft lets you efficiently core putting greens. It loosens the soil, opens room for expanding turf roots and helps air to circulate. Multi-Spike shafts fit right into an AERA-Vator frame, delivering 58 holes per square foot for more thorough and evenly spaced seeding.

Smaller Models and Unique Configurations

1st Products is committed to perfecting turf aeration equipment in a variety of sizes and configurations. The DO-40 AERA-Vator attaches to your mini-skid steer or your compact utility loader. Its side-to-side tine movement helps you level high-traffic locations and prepare a textbook seedbed for significantly less effort. The process saves time and money without compromising the end results.

Similarly, the AE40E AERA-Vator attaches easily to smaller vehicles and mowers. It’s heavy duty but extremely versatile. It’s especially nifty for addressing small or tight spaces requiring routine upkeep.

The complete line of 1st Products turf equipment includes diverse cutters and shafts that are compatible with the AGRI-Vator, our leading machine for the renovation and upkeep of turf and sod. The AGRI-Vator is available in 6-, 8- and 12-feet widths, with an optional seed box and roller as well as compatible cutters and shafts.

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