Benefits Of Considering Plano Rhinoplasty Surgery

by | Mar 19, 2021 | Surgery

You’ve probably seen a few movies or television shows where a teen is upset about the look of her nose and finally gets a nose job so that everyone thinks she’s beautiful. They always downplay the procedure, which is surgical in nature, but the outcome is usually the same for anyone. You will get the nose you want and something that can provide many health benefits, as well, which is why Plano Rhinoplasty surgery is recommended by many doctors.

Easier to Breathe

Everyone agrees that breathing through the nose is the best way to get the most oxygen into your body and remove enough carbon dioxide from the body. However, for those who have a blockage called a misshapen or deviated septum, deep breaths are just a memory. Most people with this health condition cannot breathe deeply through the nose at all because it is too difficult. Choosing Plano Rhinoplasty will allow the surgeon to reshape your inner nose and fix these problems, so you can breathe in and out normally.

Easier to Sleep

Doctors recommend people get six to eight hours of sleep every night so they can maintain their good health. Sleep deprivation can lead to many health problems, but that knowledge doesn’t make it easier to get to or stay asleep. A structural irregularity in your nose can lead to sleep apnea (when you stop breathing while you’re asleep), snoring and other problems, making it nearly impossible to get the restful sleep you need. A nose job alone may not be enough to correct the problem, but can be used in conjunction with other procedures to reshape your nasal passages.

Look/Feel Better

Most people feel that their nose is too long, turned up at the end or otherwise unappealing to the eye. While these problems aren’t medical in nature, they can lead to depression, anxiety and other health concerns, especially if you get made fun of because of your nose.

Who is a Good Candidate?

The decision to get a nose job is yours alone, and no one should try to change your mind or make up your mind for you. A nose job can change your life for the better, but only if you’re healthy enough to do so. Therefore, suitable candidates are those who are at least 16 years old, don’t smoke and have a realistic expectation about the results.

Plano Rhinoplasty surgery is an excellent procedure to consider if you dislike the look of your nose or find it difficult to breathe. Visit Cosmetic Surgery Associates of Texas today to learn more.

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