Benefits of Professional Lawn Fertilization in Denver CO

Creating a beautiful, lush lawn is paramount for many homeowners. As a homeowner you likely understand the role that proper Lawn Fertilization in Denver CO plays to achieve the desired lush, green and healthy appearance. While you may be tempted to head down the do-it-yourself route for lawn fertilization, if you do not have any knowledge of the products you should use or types of plants in your yard, you may actually do more harm than good. This is when the services of a professional Lawn Fertilization in Denver CO service can be extremely helpful.

When you hire a company that is well-versed in offering fertilization services for your lawn, you can feel confident that the desired results will be achieved. Three components for a successful fertilization of your lawn, which all professional services understand, are highlighted here.

Components of Success for Lawn Fertilization in Denver CO

In order to help your lawn to reach its full potential, you need to ensure that three primary considerations are made.


When you have a professional service fertilize your lawn, you can have confidence that they understand what mix is appropriate for your particular lawn. Every fertilizer is composed of three primary ingredients: potassium, phosphorous and nitrogen. Potassium helps to promote drought and disease tolerance; phosphorous helps to stimulate seedling development and promote root growth; and nitrogen helps to ensure that the plants and grass in your yard become greener.


It is essential that your fertilizer is administered with the right mix of ingredients with the proper amount. The first step when fertilizing your yard is to determine its square footage. This will provide you with the numbers that are needed to determine how many bags of fertilizer are needed for your yard.


The timing of your fertilization treatment also matters as much as the other components. A professional fertilization service will be able to determine how often your yard needs to be fertilized for optimum looks and appeal.

Don’t let your lawn suffer, instead enlist the services of a professional lawn service to fertilize your yard and ensure that it reaches its full potential.

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