Best Things to Buy at a Golf Store Near Walhalla, SC

Typically, you pick up a scorecard from the pro shop after paying your green fees. What about the other possible purchases, though? The trinkets and the technology. The equipment and clothing. There’s a good chance that the floor space is cluttered and the shelves are full of a mixture of helpful and worthless goods. It is helpful to have some guidelines because not all purchases made at a golf store near Walhalla, SC, are created equal.

Yardage Book

This is one of the best items a golfer can purchase at golf equipment stores. You could get this reasonably inexpensive item in the future and remember a nice day on a lovely course. However, it also accomplishes a commendable short-term goal, such as assisting you in shooting a lesser score.

Golf Shirts and Possibly Sweaters

Before buying any clothing at a golf store near Walhalla, SC, look over the material. Is it scratchy polyester or breathable cotton? When wet, is it moisture-wicking or swampy? A lot of golf clothing tends to run large to accommodate beer bellies and sensitive egos, so double-check that the size you wear fits. It all depends on your particular preferences regarding designs and colors. We choose stable and restrained, largely because we love traditional designs.

Ball Markers

A ball-marker is a risk-free impulsive purchase, much like a pack of gum at the pharmacy counter, so go ahead and get one. It shouldn’t be expensive, a few dollars at most.

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