Brick Oven, Not a Brick Oven: A Unique Outdoor Appliance for Great Pizza

Constructing a pizza oven outside on your property is a huge project. It often entails hiring a contractor to create a level concrete space if you don’t have a patio, and then a bricklayer that can build up the brick oven itself. Rather than go through all that, one company is creating wood fired pizza ovens that do not need all of the construction or labor typically involved with these outdoor cooking spaces. Additionally, these wood-fired pizza ovens utilize wood as their primary cooking fuel, mimicking the brick ovens so many people build in their backyards. Here’s more on this new type of brick oven/not a brick oven appliance.

It Looks Like a Modern Grill

It looks just like a grill, but with a modern twist. There’s a dome-shaped oven with a drop-down or side-opening door. The wood is placed under the cooking rack inside. The fumes from the burning wood escape the flue attached to the top of the dome. Family versions of this appliance come on wheeled trays to help you store wood and move the oven around with ease.

You Can Cook More Than Just Pizza in It

Where most people might not think to cook anything but pizza in a traditional brick oven, you can cook much more than that in this oven. The wood-burning adds a nice flavor to meats and grilled vegetables that charcoal briquets or propane can’t. If you burn certain types of wood, like cherry, apple, or hickory, your food takes on those sweet or smoky flavors. For more info, check out Backyard Brick Ovens at

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