Dental Implants Martin County, MN Give You Another Chance

by | Aug 26, 2021 | Dentist

Everyone gets two chances with their teeth. First are the baby teeth that fall out and are replaced with the only permanent teeth anyone will get. It was not too many years ago that when a person lost one or more of their permanent teeth, they would need a dental appliance such as a bridge, partial plate, or complete dentures.

Dentists can now offer their patients another alternative; dental implants. These dental implants look like and feel like the real thing. The other methods mentioned eventually result in a loss of bone mass in the jaw, which changes the shape and appearance of the face. With dental implants in Martin County, MN, this is not the case.

An implant consists of a titanium screw that the dentist embeds directly into the jaw bone. After a period of time, perhaps a couple of months, the bone will have grown around the implanted screw, making it one with the jaw bone. At this time, an abutment followed by a crown is placed permanently on top of the screw, and the result is a perfectly natural-looking tooth that acts no different than the real thing. It can stand up to the same biting and chewing forces as a natural tooth can.

In the Martin County, MN area, dental implants can be a single tooth or an anchor for a non-removable bridge when more than one tooth is missing, or they can act as anchors for complete removable dentures. The key to a successful dental implant is the amount of bone the patient has left to insert the titanium implant and keep it in position. The dentist will make this determination, and in many cases, if there is insufficient bone, a bone graft can be made.

The procedure is not all that complex; once the dentist has determined that an implant is an acceptable form of treatment, the gum is opened and the jaw bone prepared for the implant. Once the implant is in the correct place, the gum is stitched, and after a few months, the crown can be placed on the implant, which by now is firmly fixed in the jaw. During the treatment period, a temporary tooth can be fitted as the implant heals. When the process is completed, the patient will have regained a healthy, attractive smile.

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