Direct Drive Fan Supplier in Brooklyn Helps Firms Upgrade System

Belt drive systems are more like the ancestor of the direct drive blower motor set up than a competitor. It’s more cost-effective to own the latter rather than the former for the simple fact that it has less moving parts, which ends up contributing to the bottom line. Less repair or service time means less downtime as well. Direct drives also have a much higher efficiency margin rate versus the belt-driven system.

Fit with a carbon steel shaft and reinforced casing material, the direct drive blower motor has a high RPM, is lightweight compared to what it can do, and comes corrosion resistant. Three of the most important factors when shopping for a direct drive setup include motor voltage, motor phasing, and discharge direction. A galvanized baseplate makes the unit sturdy and renders it virtually impenetrable in various circumstances.

Phase 1 direct drive types are best suited for situations where a lower amount of voltage and fan horsepower are needed such as with dust exhaust areas. High-pressure air circulation happens because of the paddle-type, die-cast wheel with an enclosed housing.

Three-phase, ball-bearing types work on almost 500 volts and have an open drip-proof enclosure for the motor because of the amount of energy and air required for things to work properly.

Digital RPM displays are replacing calibrated analog dials on most of these machines. Brooklyn Fan & Blower Sales Co can help assist with blower selection and service. The industry leader can be reached at or by phone.

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