Factors That Affect Awards and Settlements in Dog Bite Cases in Saint Paul

by | Jan 28, 2020 | Lawyers & Law Firms

No two dog bite injuries are exactly the same. If there is a personal injury settlement, this is often based on what both parties estimate a jury would award the victim. It is also based on whether or not there is a good possibility that the dog owner would be found liable.

A dog bite injury attorney in Saint Paul may look for something that could motivate the defendant to settle. For example, if the defendant realizes that there is a risk of them losing the case at trial, they may be encouraged to settle. Something that could indicate that the defendant is at risk of losing the case at trial may be the fact that the circumstances of the case meet the legal requirements necessary to hold an animal owner liable under state law.

Another factor that a dog bite injury attorney in Saint Paul will consider is whether or not the plaintiff suffered real damages as a result of the dog bite incident. One factor is how the plaintiff is going to recover from the dog bite incident. If recovery is going to be prolonged and if the dog bite results in injuries that will affect the plaintiff for the rest of their life, it is possible that the plaintiff will receive a higher settlement. However, it is difficult to determine just how much a jury will award a plaintiff.

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