Fire Resistant Doors in Wildwood, NJ Provide Protection for Building Interiors During Arson Attacks

by | Nov 21, 2019 | Glass Repair

Fire-rated doors provide protection inside a building when someone deliberately sets fire to the structure. Criminal experts recognize several motives that lead people to commit arson. Arson can be committed against a building, a forest, vehicles and any other property vulnerable to fire. For fire resistant doors Wildwood, NJ installation is available by professional contractors.



When someone sets fire to his or her own property, this person may intend to collect insurance for the destroyed building and its contents. People have been found to have committed arson to destroy evidence of a crime, such as embezzlement or other fraudulent business activity.


Vandalism, with the excitement that goes along with this act, is one motive for arson committed by non-owners. The potential destructive effects can be reduced with fire resistant doors Wildwood, NJ contractors can install. Usually, these offenders start out by lighting fires in trash containers, dumpsters and other smaller targets. Some begin to escalate their activity to abandoned buildings when the smaller targets become less exciting.


Sometimes the motive is revenge of sorts, even if this is not entirely logical. Setting fire to a high school in which one experienced bullying is an example. Jealousy has been reported as a motive too, typically in connection with the revenge factor. A spouse who was deserted for another person might decide to set fire to that person’s car or boat, for instance.


Members of an extremist movement might start a fire at a church, synagogue or mosque. Serial arsonists commonly are seeking revenge or trying to make a political statement. They are considered extremely dangerous. Fire doors in hallways from a contractor such as South Jersey Glass & Door prevent the flames from spreading.

Rare Motives

People may get the idea from TV dramas that psychiatric disorders such as pyromania and hero complex issues are common reasons for arson. However, these instances actually are rare. Pyromania is an uncontrollable impulse to start fires, usually in response to severe emotional stress. One TV and movie trope that only rarely occurs in real life is the firefighter with a hero complex who intentionally starts fires in order to put them out.

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