Four Main Advantages of Hiring an Experienced Fairfax County Plumber

As late as the 1940s and even early 1950s, a number of people in the United States didn’t have indoor plumbing. This gradually changed over the years as people moved into newer homes. Today, most people take indoor plumbing for granted, especially when they have a problem. That’s when you need to call an experienced Fairfax County plumber. Here’s why.

Get Problem Fixed Right

Whether you have a cracked pipe or malfunctional toilet, an experienced plumber in Fairfax County can get the problem fixed on the first visit. That’s because he has the necessary tools, including a plumbing locator, video camera and hand-held meter, to properly diagnose your plumbing issue.

Avoid Worse Problems

Because an experienced plumbing contractor will fix your problem correctly, you’ll avoid further issues with the same fixture in the immediate future. This will also help your unit run more smoothly, saving you money on your water bill.

Quick Service

A qualified plumber in Fairfax County will usually be in and out of your residence in less than an hour. That’s because he’s not only highly efficient, he has other clients to service that day.

Excellent Reputation

Any plumber in Fairfax County who’s been in business for five, 10 or even 20 years likely has a successful track record. You can probably read about some of your plumbing establishment’s customers on its website.

Experienced Fairfax County plumbers also spend six or seven years training in classroom settings and apprenticeship programs. This coupled with their hands-on experience qualifies them to repair or replace any fixture, pipe or sewer.

Freedom Plumbers is the leading and most respected plumbing company in Northern Virginia, specializing in residential and commercial drain cleaning, diagnostics, plumbing fixture and underground sewer repairs and trenchless pipe replacements. Absolutely no job is too big or small.

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