Getting Your Drains Clean With the Help of a Grand Junction Plumber

It’s normal for the drains in your home to catch a variety of particles including leftover food or hair depending on where the drain is located. Most of the time, the debris will continue flowing through the pipes with ease as long as there is water flowing behind the debris. If you notice slow drainage or sinks that tend to back up when you run water, then there could be a clog somewhere in the pipes. You can try a few ideas to clean the drains on your own or contact a drain cleaning in Grand Junction, CO, company that often has equipment that is a bit more sophisticated if it’s needed.

Hot Water

Perhaps the easiest way to keep water flowing through your drains is to run hot water through them at least once a day, especially if you’ve disposed of any food or oil in the sink. The hot water will usually remove any debris that has collected along the sides of the pipes and keep water from backing up in them.


There are covers that can be placed over drains that can collect food particles, hair, and other debris so that these items don’t go down the drain. A drain cleaning in Grand Junction, CO, company can install filters as well, sometimes inside the pipes so that particles don’t get past a certain point. This can make it easier to remove clogs as they would be in one section of the pipe instead of trying to find a clog.


If you suspect that there is a clog near the opening of the drain, you can use a plumbing snake or a metal coat hanger that you unbend in order to push the clog down the drain or pull it back up through the opening. A plumbing company usually has longer drain snakes and similar items that can be used to reach deeper into the drain if needed.

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