Great Concepts for a New Landscaping Design Build in Maryland

by | Oct 19, 2022 | Landscaper

A landscape defines a home in many ways, and it represents the homeowner. If your landscape does not have character, get in gear and use this cutting-edge landscaping design guide.

Welcome to the Neighborhood

There are five common design concepts for a residential landscape. You can go with one concept, or you could combine different concepts to create a distinctive look.

A Traditional Design

This landscape design will only require a bird bath, perennials, and scrubs. These features have value because they can complement a home’s architectural design.

An Oriental-Style Landscape

The oriental style is all about peace and unity. It requires

• Lush evergreens

• Calming water features

• Unique rock formations

If you want to take this design to the next level, you can add a Japanese Zen Garden.

A Rustic Landscape

A rustic, woodland landscape is not for everyone. It will only benefit you if you’re not a fan of landscape maintenance. From shaggy blades of grass to oddly shaped scrubs, this style represents the primal side of nature.

An Elegant Landscape

A formal landscape falls on the opposite end of the spectrum. If you care about maintenance and grooming, this style is right for you. It’s built around straight lines, geometrical shapes, and symmetrical patterns.

An Edgy Landscape

An edgy landscape has elements like a formal landscape with a twist. The twist relates to the layouts. With this design, there are no rules, so you could incorporate curved plant beds around your home or multi-colored plant beds in random patterns.

A Wonderful Option for a Landscaping Design Build in Maryland

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