Homeowners Should Have Their HVAC Units Checked Up Each Year To Avoid House Fires

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Lots of people flip on the air conditioner without considering maintenance. The trouble is that systems fail. Homeowners should have their HVAC checked up by a Jacksonville air conditioning service professional.

If the unit keeps going without maintenance, something will malfunction. This is prime time for a house fire. These are three ways the HVAC unit can cause a fire.

1. Electrical

The connections wires go to heat up during the heat/cool cycle. The connections loosen with time which burns the wires. This is how a house fire can start. You’ll smell a burning odor. Call a professional immediately.

2. Fuel

Flammable fuels are used to help heat the air in the heating area of the unit. Fuel stays within its lines, but lines spring leaks. Leaking fuel lines could meet with hot elements in the unit, thus causing a fire. Leaking fuel could also happen where the fuel enters the unit. If that connection fails, you’ll smell gas in your house. Call a Jacksonville air conditioning service professional immediately.

3. Stuff

Some small homes, apartments, or condos have the HVAC unit in a closet along with the water heater. Homeowners and renters should know this is not storage. Boxes, magazines and newspapers, clothing, and anything requiring storage making contact with the hot elements of an HVAC unit could mean a fire. The unit needs to breathe, and it will overheat if it can’t cool off, meaning a fire.

Air McCall Heating and Air Conditioning will be happy to give your HVAC unit a checkup when you contact us at www.airmccall.com.

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