How a New Tree Installation in Naples, FL, can Improve Your Environment

by | Jan 21, 2020 | Tree Removal

You are living in your new home and noticed your backyard could use more elements of nature by adding pops of greenery. Installing new trees in your environment may actually improve your house’s features. Having a

New Tree Installation in Naples, FL can deliver you more than just beautiful trees.

Savings toward Energy Costs

A certified arborist knows that having a new tree installation in Naples, FL,

around your windows and other areas around your house may even reduce your energy bill by 50%. Trees offer so much natural shade and absorb heat that they can naturally cool down your indoor spaces.

Cleaner Air Quality

Even if you have one medium sized tree planted, you are already increasing your chances of cleaner air in your backyard. Trees naturally submit significant amounts of oxygen into the atmosphere and absorb toxins, odors and pollutants by filtering them out through the leaves and bark.

Increase Property Value

Whether you are a new home owner or ready to sell, having a new trees planted can possibly increase your home value. The home’s value can increase about 7-19% because buyers prefer homes with trees.

Conserve Water

Lastly, having shady trees around the patio can help reduce water evaporation around a drier lawn. As your tree installation grows, they will eventually add more moisture too.

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