How a Pallet Jack Can Help with Transporting Smaller Loads in Los Angeles

by | Jan 13, 2020 | Equipment

Anyone involved in heavy-lifting can appreciate the convenience that machines have brought into our lives. Thanks to technological advancements, work can get done faster and more accurately. Perhaps the best perk of all, though, is the reduced injury risk involved in heavy-lifting.

Many people are likely aware of forklifts. They are massive machines that can handle the lifting and carry of large loads, especially outside and for transporting or arranging loads on higher ground. Forklifts get their name from their fork-like appearance, making it common to mistake other devices for forklifts.

Another equally suitable machine for transporting materials, specifically across warehouse floors, is the pallet jack. Just like its name implies, the pallet jack is used for transporting pallets that contain simpler materials on a pallet. The pallet jack slides easily along concrete flooring and does not raise high and low as a forklift can.

The pallet jack does require a manual operator to control its movement, but thanks to its ease of operation, doing so isn’t intimidating. Because these machines are small in comparison to forklifts, they tend to be far more affordable. Maintaining a pallet jack is also straightforward. Regular lubrication on the gears and ensuring the moving parts are in good condition will extend its life.

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