How Do Repairs to an HVAC Heating Unit Affect Indoor Air Quality in a Home?

by | Feb 14, 2020 | Air Conditioning & Heating

Indoor air quality are words you’ve heard a lot about in the past few years, with the Environmental Protection Agency leading the way in educating us. This is how heating repair New Jersey affects your indoor air quality.

What Kind of Repairs?

If it moves, thank a motor. Motors blow the air into your home. Without a motor, you have no HVAC system. They can and do break due to age and continuous use. This is usually the first repair needed in an HVAC unit. It can be replaced in a jiffy.

Air flow problems are the second thing your repairman will examine. When the filters inches thick with dirt and dust, it blows back onto the coils. This coating prevents the coils from heating or cooling the air drawn out of the house through the intake. What blows back in is dirty air and not much of it.

What blows back in is what you’re inhaling. The quality of the air means how clean it is. When you schedule heating repair New Jersey, the filters are replaced (if you don’t keep them replaced yourself) and the coils, fan blades and fins are cleaned. What blows back in is clean air which gives you good indoor air quality.

It wouldn’t be doing the best job possible if your air quality filters weren’t checked before you got repairs. Armed with that information, First Choice Heating and Cooling will get your system back in good shape. Just contact First Choice Heating and Cooling, and we’ll get started.

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