How to become a CBAP living in Calgary?

CBAP is the 3rd level of professional certification by IIBA for BA practitioners. It is the most sought-after certification for senior business analysts. to excel in the corporate world. CBAP certification gives proven results in terms of salary benefits, career growth, and new opportunities.

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The Canadian market has a high demand for Business Analysts. According to a recent IIBA survey, it has been found that BAs are one of the most ‘in-demand’ professionals in Canada. Since IIBA® is headquartered in Canada, it seems natural that cities there have a high number of certification takers.

The IIBA Calgary Chapter offers a variety of resources for CBAP preparation-Workshops, Professional Development, Study Groups, and Meet-ups.

Preparing for CBAP is a daunting task but if you are committed to the certification goal it is definitely achievable.

One of the most important steps in the CBAP preparation journey is to choose your EEP. In Calgary, there are many EEPs offering classroom training. But with the introduction of instructor-led online training you have access to the finest global mentors. It is a proven fact that the quality of faculty in online training is better than classroom training. Also, since, online training has participants from across the globe, one gets a perspective as to how BAs around the globe are performing their tasks, the challenges they face, the practices they follow and the tools they use. Online training also takes away the exhaustion of commuting & the inconvenience of packed up batches. 

Adaptive US has been conducting online CBAP training for close to 5 years. 315+ professionals have qualified as CBAPs after attending our online training. We also provide a Success Guarantee for our training.

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