Is Flood Insurance in Spring, TX, Required for Water Main Breaks?

by | Mar 12, 2020 | Insurance Services

Many homeowners carry flood insurance in Spring, TX, because of the potential for hurricanes and other types of severe weather in the Houston metropolitan area. In February 2020, a different type of occurrence led to a severe flood in the city of Houston. A broken water main caused massive flooding in a limited area, resulting in damage to property and hours of inconvenience. This incident did not affect Spring directly, but it may have led homeowners to the phone to contact their insurance agents with questions about coverage. If they do not have flood insurance in Spring, TX, they want to know if their standard policy covers water damage from this type of incident.

Standard Policies

Often, standard policies do not cover flooding from water main breaks because the broken pipe is located in a public area. In contrast, if a pipe breaks on the homeowner’s property, any resulting damage is likely to be covered. The main exception would be if the insurer can determine that the homeowner should have been aware of an imminent serious problem and ignored the signs.

Important Risk Considerations

Homeowners may choose not to carry flood insurance because it adds a significant amount to the premium. Nevertheless, the coverage is advisable in this part of the country because of the significant risk of rain-related damage.

Getting Quotes

People who are unhappy with their current policy or the insurer’s price for flood insurance may reach out to an independent agent for quotes. Infiniti Insurance Services Inc provides contact details at Sitename. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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