Planning Your Initial Meeting With 4 Pillars Debt Consultants

by | Nov 8, 2019 | Financial Services

Through many different issues in life, including divorce, medical issues, loss of employment, or unexpected issues, people may find that managing their debt becomes an overwhelming situation. Often this occurs over months and years, where debt slowly builds to the level that the individual or couple cannot manage to make monthly payments or to stay abreast of mounting interest rates and fees.

At any point along this path, debt consultants at 4 Pillars can be of assistance. These professionals can assess your current financial status and situation, and provide options for people to consider as a way to work through debt and to utilize the debt relief options available.

Making the call to a 4 Pillars debt consultant is the first step in the process. For most individuals, the earlier the call is made, the better, as this provides more options for developing a plan to repay the debt and get a fresh start.

Assess Your Debt and Income

The first meeting with the 4 Pillars professional provides the opportunity to review your financial situation. To prepare and plan for this meeting, it is helpful to gather all bills and statements and to bring them to the meeting.

The same is true for all income. For couples, bringing information for both partners is helpful as it allows the debt consultant to understand the full financial picture and to discuss options that accurately reflect the possibilities to repay the debt.

Make a List of Questions

It can be overwhelming to be in debt, particularly if there are issues with creditor phone calls and the stress of trying to manage a difficult financial situation. Preparing a list of questions on debt repayment options and strategies is helpful, and it allows people to walk out of the meeting with answers they need to make the best decisions moving forward.

4 Pillars Debt Consultants offer compassionate, professional, and personalized options for those struggling with debt. To find out more, see us online at

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