Popular, Common and Unusual Toppings for Thin Crust Pizza in Houston, TX

Thick crust, Chicago deep-dish, and New York-style pizza all have plenty of fans. Nevertheless, the thin-crust version known as the Neapolitan style continues to be the favorite of U.S. residents. People can enjoy a thin crust Italian pizza in Houston, TX with a wide variety of toppings at a favorite restaurant.

Expert Insight on Favorite Toppings

A poll from You.Gov found that the most popular toppings in this country are pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, extra cheese, and onions. Pizzeria customers are generally accustomed to seeing additional options that include black and green olives, tomatoes, green peppers, and Canadian bacon. Mozzarella is the standard cheese, although some places offer cheddar as extra cheese.

More Unusual Toppings

At an authentic Italian food restaurant in Hallandale Beach, FL, customers have the chance to try many toppings they won’t find at most dining establishments. Meat examples include salami, smoked salmon, and calamari. Other possibilities include kalamata olives, asparagus, and avocado.

Different Types of Cheese

Customers will also find cheese options on the menu of an Italian food restaurant in Hallandale Beach, FL with which they may be unfamiliar. Even if they’ve tried this food, they might never have seen it in a list of pizza toppings.

The blue cheese called gorgonzola is an example. It provides an intriguing tangy flavor to pizza that contrasts with the common mozzarella taste. Customers might also want to try soft brie or hard Grano Padano cheese on a thin-crust Italian pizza in Houston, TX.

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