Prepare for Summer with Cooling Repair in Norwalk, CT

by | Jan 13, 2020 | Air Conditioning & Heating

Winter or spring is a great time to plan ahead for summer cooling so that your home feels like the perfect meeting place for family and friends. Here are key insights to modern HVAC systems and cooling repair in Norwalk, CT, for maximum comfort throughout the year.

Efficient Home Cooling

The key to an efficient heating and cooling system all year round is to upgrade to new HVAC technology, such as Mitsubishi Electric’s heat pump systems with an indoor handling unit and outdoor condensing unit. This technology transfers heating or cooling to desired parts of your home.

During warmer months the system’s refrigerant absorbs indoor heat energy and transfers it outdoors, as it generates air conditioning in the process. This system is reversed in the winter for indoor heating.

Maintenance for Cooling

Repairing your existing air conditioning is one of our many services as a one-stop solution for your heating and cooling needs. We offer cleaning for ducting and non-ducting systems. Periodic cleaning and the use of more robust filtering will give your home a noticeable enhancement through all the seasons. Our innovative heating and cooling solutions promote long-term sustainability and lower maintenance costs over the life of your system.


You’ll have much more comfort sleeping at night any time of the year knowing your heating and cooling system is ready for any weather to operate at its optimum level. Contact Climate Care at (203) 216-2231 for a free estimate on Cooling Repair in Norwalk, CT, where we offer 24 hour emergency service. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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