Protect Your Family and Business with a Surveillance Camera in Bowling Green, KY

by | Feb 23, 2021 | Security

Your business is vulnerable. Flood, fire and theft can leave you or coworkers devastated. However, the proper security camera can help limit damage, notify emergency services and help identify thieves for the authorities.

A surveillance camera in Bowling Green, KY is an extra eye tracking everything that happens in your most valued spaces.

Bullet, Dome and PTZ Surveillance Cameras

Usually seen in department stores, the dome surveillance camera provides views of large, indoor areas. The camera is installed on the ceiling with a lens that is hidden by a dark, almost opaque cover.

Dome cameras feature protective vandal proof casings where bullet cameras do not.

The bullet camera mounts on walls and is considered a long-range camera for outdoor surveillance. You see this camera at the entrances and exits of parking garages. Bullet cameras are also weather resistant where dome cameras are not.

Pan, Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) cameras

Controlled with joysticks, government installations and large retailers typically use these surveillance cameras with security guards at the controls. There are also models that move based on pre-set patterns.

You usually see these cameras in big box stores and airports.

Digital IP Surveillance Cameras

Identifying license plates and faces is easier with digital IP cameras because they create high definition images. The initial cost of this camera is higher than other types of cameras, but its high definition imagery decreases the number of cameras you need.

You can watch this camera’s image online with your smart phone, on a laptop or tablet.

Analog Surveillance Cameras

Also called CCTV (closed-circuit television) cameras, these analog video cameras send images to a monitor for viewing and recording. The camera costs less than its high-tech cousins, but requires expensive cables for image transmission.images from your analog system can be digitized if you have a DVR. Digitizing the images makes storing and searching saved footage easier.

Personalized Protection

When buying a surveillance camera in Bowling Green, KY, a security company like Sonitrol may provide a free analysis of your business. They will suggest the surveillance camera that suits your needs. As an invaluable witness, the camera sees everything from beginning to end, giving you an added sense of security.

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