Protect Yourself From Financial Repercussions After a Divorce in Chicago

by | Mar 11, 2022 | Lawyers & Law Firms

It is important to take care of your finances before entering a legal separation or divorce. It will allow you to protect yourself as much as possible from financial repercussions.

A family law lawyer in Chicago will often tell their clients to gather all their financial records. This would include tax returns, bank statements, retirement account information, Social Security statements, loan information, and credit card statements. This will save their client time and money during legal proceedings.

Before going through a divorce in Chicago, you must assess your marital assets and liabilities. They could have been acquired by one individual before getting married or jointly after getting married. A family law lawyer in Chicago can answer questions about dividing debts and assets, which is especially important if no prenuptial agreement was signed.

It may be wise for a person to open their own bank account before getting a divorce in Chicago. This will allow each person to start dividing their finances. They should update direct deposit information, ensuring that paychecks are not deposited into a joint account. It would also be wise to open individual credit cards. This allows each person to establish a positive credit report. While doing so, they can get a free credit report. The sooner a person notices mistakes, the quicker they can take action to resolve them.

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