Searching Chicago for Rebuilt Transmissions near Chicago

Not all of us know the signs of a transmission in need of help. Maybe you’ve got a fluid leak but don’t realize it and your transmission is shot all in a few hot minutes or it slowly fails and works strangely until it’s too late. However it happens, a transmission that gets jammed up and will never work again is a pretty big problem. Most people don’t care so much about the transmission, but they do care that it’s going to be expensive to put in a brand new transmission. Don’t worry – you can probably get a rebuilt transmission that’s perfect for your car or truck right here in Chicago at a much better price.

New vs. Rebuilt Transmissions

When should you get a new transmission and when should you be looking at rebuilt transmissions? In almost all cases of transmission failure, a rebuilt one is a better deal and makes perfect sense. The only time when you might want to consider the extra cost of a brand new transmission is if your car is brand new, too. If you drove it off the lot without any transmission fluid in there, you should have the dealer pay for the brand new transmission that will last as long as the car should.

And sometimes you may be forced to buy a new transmission, just because there are no rebuilt transmissions for your make, model, and year of vehicle in all of Chicago for you to buy. But it’s worth looking around, because most rebuilt transmissions are actually almost as good as a new one. Rebuilt transmissions are not just old transmissions lifted from totaled cars. In the best recycled auto parts shops, the transmission will have been taken apart, cleaned, and reassembled so that it’s almost like new.

Is it Worth the Search?

Yes – it is worth your while to search around Chicago for a rebuilt transmission. You may find one right away if you go to the right recycled auto parts shop at S-O-S Transmissions. In fact, you can probably do a bit of research online even before you head out. You can make a few phone calls until you find the part you need, making it pretty simple and free to do the comparison shopping you want to do.

Another nice thing about a rebuilt transmission is that you’ll get it right off the shelf instead of having to wait for a delivery. Check out what Chicago has to offer first!

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