Shopping For Standing Desks with Adjustments for Monitors

by | Feb 9, 2022 | Equipment

Comfort and Convenience For Office Work

A sedentary position at the office will cause a wide range of heath problems in the long term. Your posture will be compromised by prolonged sitting in front of a computer desk. You could enhance the ergonomics at your office space by installing a monitor standing desk. Such an innovative piece of furniture includes an adjustable platform for a computer monitor. You could manually lift or lower the wooden platform for an optimal viewing position.

A monitor standing desk is also available with an electric motor for extra convenience. By pressing a designated button, you will effortlessly increase or decrease the height of the monitor in front of your eyes. By aligning the screen with your natural field of view, you will prevent pain in your neck and back. Additionally, the keyboard tray could be adjusted to an optimum position when standing up or sitting down.

Health Benefits of Standing Desks

A monitor standing desk will improve your overall posture at the office setting. By standing up for most of the work day, you will properly align your entire spinal column with the rest of the body. Your hands, wrists, arms and shoulders will also feel less stress when you stand up in front of a computer. Additionally, you will improve the circulation in your entire body by standing up instead of sitting down throughout the work shift.

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