Signs it is Time to Call for Professional Pest Control in Auckland

by | Jan 3, 2023 | Pest Control

Putting off calling the professionals for a pest issue is something that many people do. There are two primary reasons for this. One, they believe they can handle the issue on their own, or because they are worried that calling for professional pest control in Auckland is going to cost too much. However, this is not an issue that should be ignored or put off. Some of the signs that the professional’s help is needed can be found here.

Signs of a Termite Issue

One of the absolute worst pest issues that a person may have is termites. It has been estimated that termites cause more than six billion dollars in damage, all around the world, each year. These insects will breed in damp areas, and they can easily ruin a home’s value by chewing -; day in and day out. Additionally, many homeowner’s policies don’t cover the damage caused by an infestation, which could result in even more issues. Calling for professional pest control in Auckland is the best way to handle any termite issue.

Insects that Bore into Wood

As the name implies, the carpenter ants and bees enjoy making their homes in wood -; any type of wood. They may wind up chewing extremely long tunnels throughout the home to lay eggs and hatch larva. This continuous process can result in support of the home being damaged and put the entire structure at risk. An even more serious problem is powderpost beetles. These bugs can chew the wood in a home into a fine dust and bury their eggs inside the dust. Once the babies hatch, the cycle starts over.

Insects that Sting

There is no question that damage to the structure of a home is bad news. However, what is even worse is damage to the people inside the home. Hornets and wasps can nest in garages, eaves and other parts of the home that provide shade and shelter. These bugs build extremely quickly and will reproduce even faster. The stings from these insects are painful, and attacks from an entire hornet’s nest may prove to be fatal.

It is imperative to call the professionals for help with a pest problem as soon as it is found. If it is allowed to continue, it is going to become worse and cause more damage. More information about pests can be found by contacting Flick Pest Control Auckland.

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