The Advantages of Gravity Conveyor Rollers from Arlington Heights IL

by | Nov 20, 2019 | Business

If you own a business that uses a conveyor system in a warehouse environment, you want to choose the most efficient option available. Many business owners are opting for a system that uses gravity conveyor rollers to transport items through their warehouse. Discover four main benefits of using this type of roller for your conveyor system.

Environmentally Friendly

Gravity conveyor rollers don’t use electricity to operate. So, they are environmentally friendly. This appeals to many business owners who are trying to change aspects of their warehouses to make them greener.

Reduces Energy Bills

When you have rollers that don’t run on electric power, you are reducing the energy bills of your warehouse. This frees up funds you can funnel to other areas of your business.

Quiet Operation

This type of conveyor roller operates in a quieter way than traditional conveyor systems. Since it doesn’t depend on a power source to operate, there’s no constant noise while the boxes and other containers are moving over the rollers. The lack of loud noise can make the environment more pleasant for employees and others visiting the warehouse.


The next benefit of gravity conveyor rollers is they are durable. Depending on the activity in a warehouse, there could be dozens to hundreds of boxes and containers moving over the rollers. These rollers are designed to endure the bumps as well as boxes of various weights as they travel through a warehouse’s system.

Finally, the conveyor rollers you choose serve as the foundation for your warehouse’s container transport system. Choosing conveyor rollers with many benefits helps your warehouse operations to run efficiently.

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