The Advantages Of High Performance Liquid Chromatography

by | Jul 24, 2023 | Medical Lab

Through the years, scientific equipment has developed to utilise the newest technology, research findings, and process advancements. High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) is one such procedure that has changed and evolved over the years to become a highly accurate way to detect variants in haemoglobins that are used to diagnose and monitor diabetes and other disorders.

Considering Options

When determining if high-performance liquid chromatography is the right process for any application, considering the advantages it offers is essential. For mid to large-volume testing laboratories, HPLC offers both speed as well as accuracy with testing.

Different models of HPLC systems have the capacity to test up to 210 samples. These samples can be processed as a batch, or the system can be set up to allow continuous loading, which offers a flexibility that is not available in other chromatography systems. In labs testing for diabetes, speed and flexibility are often two of the most important considerations, along with accuracy in testing results.

The speed of the test without compromising accuracy makes HPLC a natural choice for high-volume testing facilities. Testing an individual sample can be completed in less than a minute and a half, a critical consideration with busy clinics and hospitals.

Another factor that is an advantage to the use of high-performance liquid chromatography is the automation available on the new models. Operating with limited user involvement, these systems eliminate many of the potential problems and errors in testing that occur with more involvement by the technician in the process.

As with any laboratory equipment, ease of use and efficiency continue to make HPLC an ideal addition to any laboratory. With a wide range of applications in medical, research, and manufacturing, the use of HPLC will only continue to increase as the technology advances.

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