The Benefits of Using Fabric Sample Books in Your Textile Business

by | May 31, 2021 | Business

If you run a business that primarily gleans its profits from different textiles, you may have considered having a fabric sample book made. This is a good idea for a few different reasons. Here are just a few of them.

Showcase Variations

When you have a sample book to show potential customers, you are able to display variations such as color or size. You can even place the swatches in a particular order to entice the customer into buying certain fabrics. Each swatch contained in a book from a fabric sample book manufacturer can be made at such a size to include as much information as you desire on the back of the fabric. Coordinating fabrics can be included layered on top of each other so that you can easily display the intent of the designer.

The Power of Touch

In a book from a fabric sample book manufacturer, all of the swatches can be taken out and felt to experience their texture, weight, and how they will drape on the finished product. Since the samples are kept in a durable book, they will be kept in exemplary condition and can be kept for years without fear of abnormal wear. In addition to these benefits, the swatches can be mounted permanently or the more popular option of clasping them for future removal.

If you are interested in having high-quality sample books made for your company, contact us. The samples we provide can do great wonders for showing off the fabric that you offer.

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