The Ins and Outs of the Bail Bonding Process in Arlington, Texas

by | Dec 26, 2019 | bail bonds in Mansfield

Sometimes, people go to jail. Oftentimes, they aren’t able to post bail due to not being wealthy – after all, most Americans are working-class. Whether you or a loved one plan on going to jail, you still need to understand how a bondsman Arlington TX


What Is a Bail?

Bail is a dollar amount required for pre-trial release that is set manually by judges or formulaic-ally by jails. People can use their own money or other assets to meet bail

or seek help from a loved one or a bail bondsman Arlington TX. Bail is not always given to people who have recently been arrested and subsequently jailed.

Understanding Bail Bondsmen

Some individuals and businesses alike are licensed by the Lone Star State to post alleged criminals’ bail in exchange for inmates’ agreement to follow certain rules until their case has been thrown out or gone to trial. The fee is usually 10% in the state of Texas.

Collateral Is Sometimes Required

Sometimes, bail bondsmen may ask you to relinquish substantial collateral in the form of valuable assets you own outright to ensure you’ll return to court. All assets of value may be accepted by some bondsmen (e.g., collectibles, antiques), whereas cash and property may be the standard with others.

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