Things To Think About With Counter Tops In a Kitchen Remodel In Seattle WA

by | Jul 5, 2022 | Kitchen Renovation Company

Old kitchens are the bane of any home chef. Often, they are nonfunctional, lack adequate storage space and too worn out to be all that practical. Thus, it is often a room that gets top priority for a makeover. This makeover often includes replacing the cabinets, the counter top and the appliances. But before you pick out your new counter tops, there are some things you should think about.

The first thing to consider with counter tops during a Kitchen Remodel in Seattle WA is the type of material that you would like to have for your new counter tops. Among the most popular choices are granite and quartz. Each type of material has a different appeal. Granite is a material that will last a long time and has different color variations. Quartz is a more uniform stone and is a very durable product.

Another thing to consider with counter tops is the colors that you want in the stone. This often requires taking a close look at the different slab colors and picking out one that harmonizes with the other colors in your kitchen. While there is no set rule on picking out a color, you do want something that you can live with for a long time because granite and quartz will last for a very long time in your kitchen. It is also easier to replace a paint color than it is to replace the color of your counter tops.

The amount of counter top material you need is another thing to consider in a Kitchen Remodel in Seattle WA. It is important to know the approximate square footage so that you have a good estimate of the cost of the material. This is especially true if your remodel is done on a budget. You can get a rough estimate by measuring yourself. But you should leave the precise measurements and cutting to the professionals.

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