Three Baby and Pet-Safe Indoor Plants in Miami

by | Oct 13, 2022 | Plants

Indoor plants can be tricky. They’re beautiful and they freshen up the air, brightening up the mood of a room instantly. And so we often buy just any plant we find pretty, only to find out that it can actually be toxic when ingested, whether by your pet or your own child!

Because of this problem, it’s useful to double check whether the indoor plants in Miami that are sold in stores are completely safe. While some of the safer choices often look well, boring, here are three beautiful plants that you can confidently place as an eye-catching centerpiece in your living room.

The African Violet

This beautiful orchid-like flower comes in lush shades of violet, with a yellow stigma that provides a gorgeous accent. This small plant is best as a centerpiece on a tea table or catching light by your window sill.

It is not toxic to humans, dogs, or cats. It is growing in popularity among indoor plants in Miami, as a safe alternative to the beautiful but poisonous pink oleander.

The Swedish Ivy

The Swedish Ivy is a popular stand-in plant for the poisonous English Ivy. The English Ivy is a beautiful plant in its own right, but can irritate and burn the skin and throat. The Swedish Ivy is not quite its English counterpart, but it has gorgeous heart-shaped leaves in patches of green and white.

This ivy is also not toxic to humans, dogs, or cats. It’s among the most beautiful indoor plants for your home if you want a lovely green accent in your kitchen or living room.

Golden Bells or Forsythia

The Forsythia is a lush outdoor plant bursting with a sunshine yellow color. When properly potted, it can be one of the most perfect indoor plants for your home, giving your room that burst of happiness that it needs.

The forsythia is non-toxic to humans, dogs, and even cats. It can be used as a stand-in for the just-as-yellow but extremely toxic daffodils.

For the best options available to you, visit Tropical Plant Leasing to get information, tips, and tricks for indoor plants.

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