Tiny Detectors

by | Dec 26, 2018 | Security

You must protect your family or employees from the dangers of a fire, and today, you can install a micro smoke detector in a home or business. While having one smoke detector on each level of a building is essential, having multiple devices is better. However, you may not want a larger detector in some areas of a building because the devices seem unattractive. Fortunately, companies are now making smaller detectors that are less obvious. The installation of these tiny detectors adds another level of protection for anyone in a larger building.

Additional Fire Protection

Property owners might wonder where they can install micro smoke detectors, and you can place these small devices in an assortment of places. You can place one of these in a closet or storage area where flammable items are stored to alert you when there is smoke that indicates that there is a fire. One of these smaller alarms is perfect for installing in a hallway or near a stairway because it is barely noticeable by others. However, if a fire does occur in your home, then these tiny devices offer the same type of protection.

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If you live in a tiny home, then a micro smoke detector won’t require a lot of space. You can also use a tiny alarm in a recreational vehicle while you are traveling or camping. This type of alarm device has a photoelectric battery that is designed to last for 10 years, so you won’t need to worry about replacing the battery frequently. With a tinier smoke alarm, it is easier to install without making as much damage to drywall. To learn more about a variety of alarm systems for your commercial or residential property, visit the First Alert Inc.

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