Tips For Finding A Quality Tablecloth Factory

For a wedding, party or special event, purchasing tablecloths rather than renting is a very practical and cost-effective option. It may be surprising to many to discover that the cost of a purchasing directly from a linen and tablecloth factory is lower than rental, plus there are a greater selection, more colors and a wider variety of fabrics and styles.

It is important to keep in mind that not all tablecloth factory outlets are going to be the same. Finding the right provider for your special event linens will help to create just the look you want for a wedding reception, birthday or even a corporate special event or banquet.

Check Selection

Finding the perfect tablecloth, napkins, runners and accessories for the table is not easy. The bigger the selection of both linens and accessories at the tablecloth factory the more likely it is you can use one supplier for everything.

One supplier means that you are only dealing with one company, one invoice, and one shipment, making life easier at an already busy time.

Additionally, with one company you can be assured of consistent quality and colors.

If you have very specific requirements for color or fabric, check to make sure the company will provide swatches. This is the best way to verify the color you are ordering is just what you want.

Look at Shipping

Shipping costs can vary between different online companies. Look for a company that offers competitive shipping rates. Some of the best companies offer free shipping if the order is over a specific amount. In the case of free shipping, consider the total order value before the free shipping becomes an option.

Some companies offer rush delivery services as well. This is ideal if another linen company has let you down or some other issue arises.

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