Tips for Strategic Commercial Real Estate Planning

by | Dec 14, 2021 | Financial Services

Effective estate planning strategies is extremely essential in ensuring any company’s capability in maximizing profitability while minimizing risks. Unfortunately, the importance of estate planning strategies is often underestimated by most business executives until it is too late. The decisions you make pertaining to your company’s real estate assets and liabilities will either facilitate or compromise its overall success. Indeed, effective management of real estate assets is capable of adding substantial value to your company. It is therefore imperative that you seek professional advice from qualified consultants in Estate Planning Strategies.

An effective plan in estate planning should begin with a detailed review of your company’s financial and operational objectives, coupled with an analysis of the key business issues confronting the company. Such a review is aimed at considering the real estate from a business strategy point of view, while determining how best it can be positioned to maximize its effectiveness in supporting strategic business objectives.

Effective Estate Planning Strategies will help you to maximize value creation, which is arguably one of the most challenging tasks facing senior management today. Such planning will essentially result into an improved financial and operational performance. The planning also helps in integrating financial and strategic objectives, while creating such solutions that deliver increased efficiency and maximum flexibility.

While formulating an effective strategy, it is imperative that you consider the following common issues.

  • Short term and long term goals and objectives
  • Both qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • Economic and municipal incentives
  • The audits for operating expense
  • Proximity to workforce
  • The physical and geographical location of the company
  • Forecasting revenues
  • Acquisitions and dispositions
  • Expansions and consolidations
  • Sales and leasebacks
  • Early lease renewals plus negotiations
  • Staffing and space utilization

You can derive greater value from your real estate assets and obligations if you properly align the corporate real estate strategy with the financial, strategic and operating goals. In fact, an appropriate balance of a broad reaching, sophisticated and intelligent approach will significantly improve your company’s performance.

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