Top Three Reasons to Employ a Remote Executive Assistant

by | Sep 23, 2021 | Business

Did you know that business leaders utilize 40% of their time completing tasks that could be accomplished with the help of a remote executive administrative assistant? This time accounts for nearly half of their workday. Thankfully there is a solution to help the working professionals make more informed decisions about managing tasks. ProAssisting understands the necessity of having an executive administrative assistant and has effectively proven to enrich the lives of businessmen and women by offering remote solutions.

Here are the top three reasons to utilize remote executive assistant services:

1. Saves Time

Leading a business is not always easy. It is imperative to manage time in order to prioritize duties. Routine tasks should not hinder working professionals from focusing on more important matters. An executive assistant will save time by completing specific assignments professionally and in a timely matter.

2. Cost-Effective

Direct hires are more costly than employing a remote executive assistant. Remote administrative assistants won’t require you to provide health insurance or other expenses that pertain to direct employment. The service is more affordable, and you receive the same level of support.

3. Dependable & Trained Professionals

The business structure is derived from over 34 years of top-level administrative assistant experience. Each executive assistant is hand-picked and receives additional training. The low ratio of 3-to-1 executive to assistant ensures that you receive the support you need.

An executive administrative assistant will handle common tasks and relieve leaders of mundane duties. Allow yourself to have more time to focus on more important business matters. Complete the easy on boarding process. To get started, visit for a hassle-free complimentary consultation.

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