Two Reasons You May Need an Endoscopy in Jacksonville

Endoscopy may be required at least once in your lifetime for a variety of reasons, and the professionals who perform this examination of your esophagus, stomach, and digestive tract use it as a powerful diagnostic tool. Previously, the only way to figure out what was going on inside a person’s body was to make educated guesses or the use of surgical procedures. Although this procedure is certainly invasive in that a camera is passed through your digestive tract to record any problems, you should only experience mild discomfort in your throat as a result of it.

Nonsurgical Investigation

Endoscopy in Jacksonville is intended to be an investigative tool for professionals to use while looking for the source of your many unspecific symptoms. For example, you could have stomach ulcers, esophageal damage, or tumors growing in your digestive tract, and professionals such as Gastroenterology Associates can help you identify and examine these issues. More information is available when you visit Digestive Disease Consultants, and you should not put off this type of procedure if you are concerned that there is a problem that cannot be seen without special equipment.

Diagnosis and Biopsy

It may be that your doctor will use endoscopy as a method of gathering tissue samples, otherwise known as a biopsy, to test for several diseases and conditions. These conditions range in severity and type, and may include, but are not limited to, anemia, inflammation, diarrhea, or a variety of cancers. Since this procedure is straightforward and quick to complete, you should not expect to lose a large portion of your day and should expect to receive results fairly quickly.

To know more or schedule an appointment with a specialist, visit Digestive Disease Consultants.

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