Types of cannabis packaging to consider

by | Dec 29, 2020 | Led Jars

A few years back, selling cannabis products was considered illegal in most states, but as more states move to legalize weed, it makes sense to build a strong brand around it. Besides having a quality stash in your store, you have to think about packaging. Obviously, you want to maintain the product quality, have excellent packaging, and give your buyers enough information. So, what’s the best packaging to use?

Flexible and rigid packaging

There are two packaging options when it comes to marijuana. You can either go with a rigid or flexible package. Rigid will include anything from glass, metal to plastics like hemp packaging. These packages are great because you can reuse them, and you are sure your marijuana is protected and will maintain its natural taste.
That doesn’t mean flexible options aren’t any good. Bags and pouches made for marijuana packaging are often hard to rip open, use less space, and are often cheaper. If you need to send the stash to a client, flexible packaging is best. If you need to display your product, you are better off with rigid options like hemp packaging.
Should you consider the product type? 

The simple answer is yes, but there are few details you need to put into consideration. First, the type of product you have will play a role. 

Pre-rolls: best packaged in material that seals in the odor but protects the stash. For instance, bags and protective plastic tubes.

• Concentrate: best in silicone, polyester, hemp, and childproof glass. Containers with rounded corners are also great.

• Flower: go for smell-proof bags, jars, or child-resistant jars.

• Edibles: FDA recommends jars, bottles, boxes, bags, bottles, pouches, and tins. 

• Vapes and cartridges: blisters are the most common and cost-effective packaging.

• Medical marijuana: prescription-style package is usually the best.

Whichever product you sell, remember that costs will go down if you order in bulk. Order from a company within the country as it will also bring down your costs.

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