Types of Claims Handled by a Product Liability Attorney in Macon, GA

Product designers and manufacturers have certain obligations to consumers. When they fail to meet those obligations and it results in an injury, the affected consumer may be entitled to compensation. Read on to find out about the most common types of personal injury claims handled by a product liability attorney in Macon, GA to learn more.

Defective Design

If a product has a design defect that makes it inherently dangerous, consumers may be injured as a result of using it. When this occurs, they can seek compensation with the help of a lawyer.

Many claims that fall into this category involve vehicle manufacturing. If a car has design flaws that make it prone to flipping over, for example, drivers who have been injured can file a claim against the manufacturer for defective design. Other examples of design defects include electric blankets that cause shocks when turned on too high and sunglasses that don’t provide adequate protection from UV light.

Manufacturing Defects

Manufacturing defects are more common than design defects. They occur when a product would be safe if it were manufactured correctly, but a problem at the factory has caused a potentially dangerous defect that makes one product different from all the others. Examples include foods that contain poisonous contaminants, vehicles that are missing brake pads, or even swing sets that have cracked chains.

Lack of Adequate Warning or Instructions

If a product can cause injury when used improperly, its manufacturer must provide adequate instructions on proper use and warnings about potential consequences of misuse. Examples could include corrosive cleaning products that do not have instructions for safe handling or over-the-counter drugs that do not warn of potentially serious drug interactions.

The Bottom Line

To win a product liability case, the injured party must prove not only that the product or its instructions were defective but also that the defect led directly to the injury. A product liability attorney in Macon, GA can help clients collect evidence, find expert witnesses, and develop a strategy for proving the case. Those who believe they may have a product liability claim can contact Edwards & Bullard Law to discuss their options today.

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