Types of United States Silver Coins From 1794 – 1978: Sell Coins in Chicago

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One of the most highly sought coins is the United States Silver Dollar. Besides their intrinsic beauty and historical interest, the coins are also valuable collectibles.

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Date, condition, and the mintmark are vital considerations in establishing the worth of a silver dollar if you have to sell coins in Chicago. Note: Please do not clean your coins, even if tarnished, to preserve their value.

The Various Types of United States Silver Coins From 1794 – 1978

Flowing Hair Dollar 1794 – 1795: Beautiful and unique, the 1794 silver dollars are also distinctive because they’re lightly struck on the lower left side of the obverse.

Draped Bust Dollar 1795 – 1804: The most frequently discovered coin is the Draped Bust obverse and the Heraldic Eagle reverse style.

Trade Dollars 1873 – 1885: Trade dollars were created in large quantities in 1873.

Morgan silver dollars 1878 – 1904: Heavier than a standard silver dollar, at 420 grains, Morgan silver dollars are among the most traded series in American coin collectibles.

Peace Dollars 1921 – 1935: These coins suffered their own melting situation; tens of millions were turned into silver bullion to get the metal for the Manhattan Project.

Eisenhower Dollars 1971 – 1978: Except for some collections designed for collectors, the coin is now a copper-nickel alloy.

Sell Coins in Chicago

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