Utah Residents Can Save Money With Propane and Propane Appliances

by | Jan 15, 2021 | Propane Supplier

Residential propane in Heber City, Utah, is helping businesses and homeowners save money. Residential propane allows you to use affordable propane appliances as opposed to using electric appliances.

Research shows that if you heat your water with propane as opposed to electricity, you can reduce your electric bill by 30 percent each year. A propane dryer for clothing is 50 percent more efficient than using electricity. A tankless propane water heater can be up to 94 percent more efficient.

Of course, price is only one factor that attracts people to residential propane in Heber City, Utah. Another factor is propane’s versatility. Most people think propane and then they think outdoor grills. However, propane can be used to power several household appliances. It can heat your boiler and your home.

Many families opt to use a propane fireplace. They don’t have to worry about the ash and soot that is made using a wood-burning fireplace. Propane can be used to cook food, dry clothing, and bake. Homes that are equipped to use propane have an alternative fuel source at the ready in the event that the electricity is unavailable.

Larger propane tanks may only need to be refilled once or twice a year. This means that instead of making multiple payments monthly for an electric bill, you may only need to make one or two payments every single year with propane.

Propane is environmentally-friendly. Using propane has less of an impact on the environment than using electricity.

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