What Are Some of the Services That Clients Can Expect From Dog Sitters in Elkhorn, NE?

A pet resort provides overnight boarding for dogs, cats, and various exotics like birds and reptiles. It also provides grooming and daycare for the animals.

What Do Dog Sitters in Elkhorn, NE, Do?

Dog sitters in Elkhorn, NE, will visit a dog owner’s home to take care of the dog when the owner isn’t able to. People may hire a dog sitter if they plan to travel out of town, work very long hours, or are unable to properly care for the dog because of an illness or injury.

The dog sitter may visit once a day, several times a day, or spend the night. During that time, they will feed and water the dog, clean up any messes, administer any medications, and walk or play with the dog.

What Are the Boarding Facilities Like?

The overnight facilities vary in size and luxury. Some are private, while others accommodate more than one animal. They are climate-controlled and most have televisions to entertain the animals. The pet’s owners may bring their own food and treats. The cats’ rooms all have platforms, while many of the dogs enjoy access to outdoor patios.

What Is the Daycare Like?

The daycare facilities have indoor and outdoor sections. The animals will thus be able to enjoy good weather outside and take refuge from bad weather indoors. The indoor area has climate control to ensure the pets’ comfort. Staff members will play with the animals to exercise them and provide enrichment.

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