What Are The Services Offered by a Credit Repair Company in New Jersey

by | Jan 6, 2022 | Financial Services

One area where people often make mistakes throughout their lives is with their credit scores. There are times where incorrect or duplicate information can severely affect a person’s credit score. In these instances, a person may try to get a car loan or a mortgage only to find the incorrect information on their credit score caused them to be turned down for a loan. In these cases, a person can try to handle the situation themselves or they may be better served by hiring a credit repair service in New Jersey.

Duplicate Information
One of the most common issues a credit repair service will face is problems surrounding duplicate information. Many times, a client will have multiple accounts on their credit score when there is actually only one account. Getting this duplicate information removed from the credit report can almost immediately improve a person’s credit score.

Removing Credit Report Errors
There are other situations where the wrong information is on the credit score. There are people that have had bankruptcies that weren’t theirs posted to their credit record. There are many people who’ve had credit card accounts that weren’t theirs posted on their credit report. These sorts of things, depending on the status of the credit card or the length of the bankruptcy, can be disastrous for a persons credit score and their ability to receive credit.

The Time Frame for Credit Report Changes
What a Credit Repair Service in New Jersey will focus a great deal of their time on is getting this erroneous or duplicate information removed from a person’s credit report. In many cases, it’s as simple as contacting the credit reporting agencies and allowing them to work through the dispute process. Typically, if the dispute is verified, the information can be removed in as little as 30 days. They, sometimes, will contact creditors to petition them to change the way an account has been settled through the credit reporting agency to further improve a person’s credit score.

Square One Credit Management helps improve your credit score. If there is information on your credit score that isn’t yours or that is wrong, schedule an appointment to discuss the situation further.

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