What Precision Machine Shops Can Do For You: WI Turning

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There are many things that a machine shop can do for you, but one of the most important services would be turning operations. Here are the basics of this important service:

An Asset For Many Different Industries

First of all, turning is the process of putting a workpiece into rotation with a metal cutting tool. Turning operations are an important process in many different industries, including metal manufacturing, handle development and furniture making.

Turning: A Paragon of Versatility

The best thing about a turning machine is that it is very versatile. Turning operations can offer you the ability to produce conical or cylindrical surfaces like a breeze. It will produce an excellent amount of radial symmetry. This means that your final product will have solid surfaces. However, we do realize that there are times where radial symmetry is simply not needed. That is why we are excellent at providing thread cutting options such as threaded part sections and bolts. We take pride in our versatility!

Turning: The Importance of the Right Tools

In order for the turning process to work, the right tools must be utilized. Items such as a head stock, tail stock, carriage, a CNC interface, and a cutting tool are all important components of the turning process.

Turning: The Right Professionals For You

Does all of this seem confusing to you? It doesn’t have to be. The professionals at JBC, Inc. can help you sort it out. We are a family-owned machine shop in Wisconsin that utilizes the latest software for all of your manufacturing needs, whether it be a farming endeavor, aircraft parts, and many other endeavors as well. Give us a call today.

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