What to Do During a DWI Traffic Stop in San Antonio, TX

Almost everyone knows the fearful feeling of seeing red and blue lights in their rear-view mirrors. A police officer pulling someone over can leave anyone wondering what to do. If law enforcement suspects you’re driving under the influence of alcohol, it’s crucial to know these critical next steps.

1. Pull Over

Regardless of what you’ve seen in movies or TV shows, running from the police is never a good idea. Attempting to evade the police makes it look like you have something to hide. It could also tack on more charges before the police make contact with you.

2. Be Respectful

No one is happy to have a cop pull them over. However, don’t react with anger when a police officer pulls you over. Chances are that the officer has vehicle and body cams recording your driving and behavior once the traffic stop begins. Being angry will only hurt your case.

3. Don’t Submit to Tests

Police officers use field sobriety tests to gauge whether or not someone is drunk. That said, these tests aren’t always accurate. Almost any DWI attorney in San Antonio will recommend you not take field sobriety tests. Remember that a police officer asking you to step out of your vehicle doesn’t mean you agree to sobriety tests. If an officer wants you to get out of your car, you must comply.

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