What to Know About Turning Your Pinellas County Basement into a Wine Cellar

by | Sep 28, 2023 | Custom Home Builder

A common project that homeowners like to take on is to transform a finished basement into a wine cellar. This can become a more complex project than you might think. Beyond installing wine racks and furnishings, there are more important factors to consider in designing home wine cellars in Pinellas County, FL.

Plan to Maintain a Consistent Temperature

The aging process for wine requires a specific temperature range, and that means you may need to install HVAC equipment in your basement. In general, you can maintain a temperature range between 45 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit or 7 to 18 degrees Celsius. The ideal temperature range for the best aging is 50-58 degrees Fahrenheit or 10-14 degrees Celsius.

Keep Precise Humidity Levels

Humidity is another factor that can affect the quality of the wine in your wine cellar. If the humidity level is substantially low, the corks will dry and expose the wine to the outside air. Excessively high humidity levels can promote mold growth on the corks, which can make the wine undrinkable. Although you can keep humidity levels between 50% and 70%, a humidity level of 57% is ideal.

Reduce or Eliminate Natural Lighting

Direct sunlight can adversely affect the quality of wine when it’s stored for longer than 12 months. For this reason, windows in home wine cellars in Pinellas County, FL should be kept covered. Install soft artificial lighting instead. Additionally, store bottles with clear glass inside closed cabinets or cases for an extra layer of protection.

The quality of your wine cellar will also depend on hiring the right contractor for the work, so it’s important to look for a luxury home builder with this type of experience.

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